We will consult before imposing policies: Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa has said his government will henceforth consult various stakeholders before coming up with polices so as to make research informed decisions that can drive the country forward.

There have been concerns about policy inconsistencies in government caused by failure to consult before crafting economic legal frameworks.

In that regard, the Ministry of Finance organised the Zimbabwe Development Conference (ZEDCON) which started on Wednesday and ended Friday, after an official address by President Mnangagwa.

The President said going forward, such events should foster a culture of continued learning, unlearning and relearning for the accelerated development of the country.

He implored economists and researchers to simplify their researches for the benefit of ordinary citizens.

“Against this background, I exhort you the academic to perform more rigorous research which will further inform policy and programme decisions especially in the wake of these developments.

“We must continually inculcate the mainstreaming of evidence into budgeting processes and decisions not only in government but across other sectors of the economy

“You should be mindful that the translation and accessibility of research knowledge is essential for the needs of decision makers and other stakeholders. The culture of using technical language which excludes ordinary citizens and laymen is not beneficial,” said Mnangagwa.

He said government had put in place sound economic policies and fundamentals which instill confidence, support a stable domestic currency and generation of foreign currency, anchored on tight monetary policy and favourable fiscal position, and the onus was now on other stakeholders to play their part.

The President challenged Zimbabweans to continue to diligently work hard in their various spheres not just for their families, but for the good and prosperity of the country.

“My government will continue instituting measures which enhance macro-economic stability, boost confidence in the economy, preserve value for depositors and investors while dealing with market indiscipline.

“Let us not parrot foreign narratives which are in fact perpetuated to stifle our capacity to economically develop as a sovereign state. Innovation is central to the success of the country’s policies,” added Mnangagwa.

The conference was held under the theme: “Accelerating economic transformation through evidence based policy making.”

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