Shortage of water in Byo limiting investments: Coltart

Bulawayo’s water shortage, worsened by the El Niño drought, is hindering the city’s ability to attract investment, according to Mayor Senator David Coltart.

Senator Coltart made these remarks during his welcome speech to delegates attending the 64th edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair. The Fair, themed “Innovation the Catalyst to Industry and Trade,” runs from April 23 to 27.

“The City of Bulawayo understands that certain prerequisites are key for a city to flourish and attract investment,” Senator Coltart said.

“The first aspect is water. As we are all aware, due to climate change and the El Niño effect, the city of Bulawayo and the entire southern African region are facing one of the worst droughts ever.”

He noted that expanding water resources is the city’s top priority in the coming years.

“We are looking at construction of a new water supply dam and other augmentation projects that will allow us to guarantee our residents, stakeholders, and investors adequate water supplies,” he stated.

Senator Coltart highlighted the city’s efforts to reclaim its title as the cleanest in Africa.

“Unfortunately, in the last few years, our city has lost its status as one of the cleanest cities in Africa,” he acknowledged. “Our vision is to restore that status, and we are working towards rehabilitating our sewerage works and establishing a waste management facility to tackle the litter that degrades Bulawayo.”

The Mayor also addressed the city’s plans to support the informal sector.

“Recognising that many people were forced out of industry and are now in informal employment, we are working on informal markets located on the periphery of the city center,” he said. “We have started with Egodini Informal Trading Market and are expanding to other peripheral and suburban areas. This initiative aims to give hope to the informal sector and enable the formal sector to flourish as well.”

Senator Coltart concluded by reminding everyone that Bulawayo was chosen to host the ZITF because it was Zimbabwe’s Industrial Capital and the industrial hub of southern Africa. “This is a vision the city wishes to restore,” he declared.

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  1. @CityofBulawayo just look for green businesses that protect the Enviornment to invest in the City
    Go Green @CityofBulawayo Go Green

  2. @CityofBulawayo just needs to be seen to be protecting the Environment
    This should be at the top of their Agenda
    Protecting the Enviornment and Water are connected

  3. @CityofBulwayo needs to be seen to be giving Vendors Bin Bags to dispose of their garbage in a responsible manner
    At the same time there could be items in the garbage that could be recycled hence the need for the Venders to be taught recycling
    all part of protecting the environment
    Go Green @CityofBulawayo Go Green and you will see the difference

  4. Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Bulawayo needs to create a partnership with@Cityof`Bulawayo
    Coming on board to partner @CityofBulawayo who is the Host City for Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Could:-

    1.Assist @CityofBulawayo with its Enviornmental Awareness Compaigns and Clean Up Campaigns on the ground as well as assisting with advertising the campaigns on behalf of @CityofBulawayo
    2.Go the Extra Mile and to assist with Litter Bins for @CityofBulawayo including giving bin bags to vendors etc.and any other assistance @CityofBulwayo may need?

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