Cyrene appeals for donations

Cyrene Secondary school has launched ZW$75 000 appeal for aid donations to refurbish two dormitories whose roofs were blown away by strong winds last Wednesday.

In a statement, the school headmaster, Charles Bhebhe called on parents with pupils at the school skilled in building and carpentry to assist. 

“We would like to thank Mr Ndiweni who heeded to our call for SOS and came to the school to assist in drawing up a list of the requirements. 

“We have also talked to Mr Ngwenya from Plumtree, who has pledged to come to the school to render assistance. We hope to see more parents in the profession of building and carpentry to come and assist,” said the Headmaster. 

The headmaster said they hope the repairs would be done within a time frame of 5 days so that pupils will go back to their dormitories by Saturday, September 27. 

He said those willing to donate should visit the school or contact the following: Headmaster 0774342965, Deputy Head 0772323662, Mr Mvubu 0773715452, SDC chair 0772803161. 

For all Ecocash donations, members of the public are urged to use the Bhebhe`s number 0774342965. 

The list of materials sought include purline planks 76x50x87x6m, timber 152x38x3.6×15, brandering 38 x38x50m facia board 114x38x2x6m, facia board straight joiner 12. 

“More materials needed are Facia board asbestos 21m, corrugated Roof Sheets 3.6mx70cmx60, ridges for corrugated sheets 21m. Wire nails 100mm x 10kgs, wire nails 75mm x 5kgs, zinc nails 12kgs, I.B.R sheets 4.2m x 76x 28, I.B.R sheets 70 x 76x 36, four bags of cement, one-tonne pit sand, I. B. R ridges x 36 and wire nails 50mm x 5kgs,” said Bhebhe.

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