Government concerned over growing wildlife population

Government has expressed concern over the growing wildlife population across the country’s national parks, a development the powers-that-be say is to blame for the increase in human-wildlife conflicts.

In areas such as Hwange and Victoria Falls people have been trampled to deaths by elephants.

Speaking during a Masiyephambili Dialogue series in Bulawayo last Friday, Environment, Climate Change, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister, Nqobizitha Ndlovu, said bigger animal species had been outgrowing the environment making it difficult to manage them at a time when the country is grappling with climate change effects.

“Under environment we are looking at our natural resources that include wildlife and what lives in our water, we are a country that shows that we sustainably conserve our wildlife; let me not say sustainably but good at conserving our wildlife because sustainable includes that the populations are within manageable proportions but we are now over conserved,” said Ndlovu.

“The bigger species such as the elephants, giraffes and rhinoceros have been growing over the years and that is creating problems especially human-wildlife conflicts.

Ndlovu said that was creating pressure on the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

Meanwhile, Ndlovu said the Forestry Commission was trying its best to conserve the county’s forests

“Under environment, we also have Forestry Commission who are tasked with the responsibility of conserving our forests,” said Ndlovu.

“Of particular interest, I love the indigenous part and the exotic ones.”

He added it is through Forestry Commission that Zimbabwe can dream of mitigating climate change by producing the much-needed oxygen to absorb carbon dioxide.

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