“We are in elections to ‘babysit’ Mthwakazi on our cause”- MRP

The Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) is participating in the 2023 elections as a way of bringing the people of Matabeleland to speed about its broader struggle of self determination, the party’s leader has said.

The goal of MRP is to liberate the Matabeleland and Midlands provinces from Zimbabwe.

Addressing a gathering at Stanley Square on Saturday, MRP leader Mqondisi Moyo said the party was sowing a seed in the people of Matabeleland so that they understand and be able to defend their cause.

“This is not a rally but a programme to thank our ancestors, God and you who came to this gathering. We will be coming to you time and again to update you on how far our revolution has gone. We are focusing on the revolution and planting a seed of what we want to accomplish,” said the MRP leader.

Moyo also used the occasion to make a pledge, claiming that MRP was serious about liberating Matabeleland and Midlands from the rest of the country.

“The soil in my hand represents the seed we are planting today here in this place. It is a seed that will germinate, grow and produce fruit for the people of Mthwakazi. We are not playing, but we are determined to free Mthwakazi,” Moyo stated as he tossed the soil into the air. 

“I say to all those who died long ago, may their spirits rise and defend this country.” 

The MRP leader indicated the party was running in the council and parliamentary elections to show the international community that they were seeking legal support for their cause.

“We entered the elections because when the earth asks what we did to liberate Mthwakazi using the legal available means, we will say we took part in the elections and used diplomatic channels to register to the international community that we have done all possible means to address our issues,” Moyo explained.

“Should there be a chance that we take another route, the world should witness that we did all we can to try and address the injustices in Mthwakazi.”

Moyo added “MRP was not looking for a million people to liberate Mthwakazi but only needed 10 serious people. 

“When we started this movement in 2014, we were told we would be killed or disappear but no revolution is without casualties. If I, Mqondisi, am to be a casualty for people in Mthwakazi to be liberated, so be it,” he said.

“We didn’t enter this election to access benefits but are in it to show you that the movement is growing. I see that you are taking note of it and that sooner, liberation will come to Matabeleland.”

Talking to people during election campaigning, according to the MRP leader, is a method to deepen the revolution.

“We are reaching out to the people little by little, who are starting to understand the dynamics  of this revolution. We are happy because the momentum is gaining and people are starting to see the revolution as it is outside the systems of Zimbabwe,” Moyo claimed.     

Moyo also addressed the youth, identifying them as the vanguard of the revolution but urged them to spend less time on social media.

“Please come out of social media. Leave social media. Don’t fight battles on social media. The elderly we see here fought as young people under ZPRA and ZAPU to bring freedom otherwise there would have been no liberation. They sacrificed themselves, so get out of the politics of relaxation and enter into the real politics of liberating people,” said the MRP leader.

“Let’s take this revolution seriously for future generations. We can’t keep quiet. Mthwakazi is struggling. Look at Bulawayo, the city is now in ruins with massive holes on its roads.”

Moyo noted that the challenge in Matabeleland was people were not united.

“There are Ndebele people that belong to Mnangagwa, Ndebele people that belong to Chamisa and Ndebele people that belong to Kasukwuere. Who has bewitched you so much that you follow people that don’t serve your interests?” he said.

“Even if our candidates lose, this is not the end of the revolution!”

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