UGodlwayo Yithi Festival on the cards

Majahawodwa Ndlovu popularly known as Jeys Marabini will get an opportunity to market his new album to the Filabusi Community at the upcoming uGodlwayo Yithi Musical Festival.

Marabini released his ninth studio album, Ntunja Mbila, in August and the market has reacted positively to his latest offering.

The second edition of the festival which Marabini`s brainchild, will be held on November 3, at Filabusi Hall.

Musicians expected to perform at the festival include Indonsakusa, Gazelimnyama, Iyasa, Khuxxman, Hwabaraty, Gregory and Kwejani Band, among others.

“The aim of the festival is to promote remote places which are side-lined when it comes to entertainment,” said Marabini

Marabini said the Filabusi community have been supportive of his craft since he started hence the festival is a way of ploughing back to the community.

“I was born and bred in Filabusi and the community has been very supportive since day one. The music festival will bring entertainment to the community,” he said.

“It is rare to find musicians performing in that area, therefore, this festival aims to bridge that gap”.

Marabini stated that he is expecting more than two thousand people to attend the festival. Last year’s festival was graced by over one thousand attendants.

The multi award winning artist appealed to the business community and locals to support the festival so that it is a success.

“This is a festival for the people,” said Marabini.

“We call for support from everyone in and surrounding Filabusi”.

Tickets for the festival are pegged at $5 before 10 pm and $8 after 10 pm.

Marabini said he will use the platform to promote some of the artists on the line up.

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