Bubi mine defends working conditions, gags workers from speaking to the media

A gold mine in Bubi, Matabeleland North which was last week exposed by its employees over poor working conditions and low remuneration has defended its methods arguing that it is standard practice.

Some disgruntled mine workers approached CITE last week complaining that the mine, DGL5, was exposing them to inhumane working conditions.

Following the story’s publication, the mine manager issued a memo on November 4 warning the mine workers against talking to the media.

“It has come to the management’s attention that some employees are talking to the newspapers about the working conditions at Little Mviga section, particularly the system being used to lift ore from the working level to the skip. This system was tested and proved that it is safe and productive for now whilst development of the shaft to the lower end of the mine is being done,” said Mlazi.

 He said the system is being criticized mainly by people who have no clue about mining systems.

“In as much as this is criticized mainly by people who have no clue in mining systems, DGL5 is proud to have provided employment opportunities to the locals.”

“As DGL5 we will continue being of help to the communities that we operate in by providing employment, and contributing towards the 12 billion USD economy as prescribed by his Excellency the President of Zimbabwe Doctor ED Mnangagwa,” said Mlazi.

The mine manager added that the employees are encouraged to report any unsafe conditions to their heads of department.

“DGL5 employees are encouraged to report any unsafe conditions in time to their heads of department or through safety representatives in their sections. The offices of the Human Resources manager and the mine manager are always open and welcoming and always willing to listen to your grievances and contributions,” he said.

Mlazi also took the opportunity to inform the employees that only the Resource manager and the Administrator are permitted to talk to the press or any outsiders about internal affairs of the mine.

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