Govt amends vehicle ownership policy

The Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) has overhauled the vehicle ownership change policy with vehicles changing ownership now required to keep their current number plates as the government has been struggling to supply new number plates.

Zimbabwe has witnessed a surge in the importation of pre-owned vehicles into the country mostly from Japan, UK, Singapore, and South Africa in the past few years

In a statement released Tuesday, CVR revealed that it was struggling to supply new number plates.

“With effect from today 26 February 2019 all vehicles changing ownership should maintain current plates, what only changes is the new registered book with details of the new owner. This functionality has been enabled in the system” the statement read in part.

According to the new policy, vehicle owners will play will now pay a $15 and will be issued with a new registration book.

“The number plates and 3rd plates remains the same and no plates will be surrendered. All the other requirements remain unchanged”

CVR revealed that only new number plates will be issued “when a government or local authority vehicle is changing ownership”.

The other exceptions are when a vehicle is changing ownership and category from Public Service vehicle to private or vice versa and the vehicle is converting from the old “check letter’ plates or hen replacing damaged, lost or defaced number plates.

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