Three people arrested in drug bust

Police in Bulawayo on Tuesday, arrested three people who were reportedly found in possession of an assortment of illegal drugs and huge sums of money. 

According to the Acting Bulawayo police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele, two men aged 27 and 41 and a female aged 32 were picked up when the police raided a flat at Eaglesham court in the city centre, for possession of and dealing in drugs. 

“The police were surveying the flat for about a month or two and noticed irregular movements of people coming in and out of the flat for some time,” said Assistant Insp Msebele.

She added that they raided the flat on Tuesday and found an array of illegal substances and cash.

“The police pounced on the trio who were found in possession of huge sacks marijuana, BronCleer, sex enhancers,” said Assistant Insp Msebele.
“We also found the three with a lot of money consisting of USD, RTGS dollars, Pula and Rands.”

Assistant Inspector Msebele urged members of the public to report drug mules at the nearest police station. 

“We encourage members of the public to come out with information about where drugs are sold. They can make use of suggestion boxes, visit the nearest police station or call us on the police hotline number,” she said.

In May, police rounded up 113 youths and recovered drugs, alcohol, sex enhancing pills and used condoms.

The recent drug bust corroborates with an investigation carried out by CITE last month around Bulawayo’s high-density suburbs which showed that intoxicating cough mixtures such as BronCleer (popularly known as Bronco) and Histalix D were being abused youths at an alarming rate.

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