Cross-border transporter shot, seeks help to remove bullet

A 43-year-old cross-border transporter, Zwelani Mpofu is urgently seeking assistance from specialists to remove a bullet lodged in his chin. 

Mpofu who resides in South Africa but hails from Emkhayeni in Tsholotsho under Chief Tategulu, was ambushed by armed robbers while travelling to Zimbabwe on December 6, 2023. 

During the attack, a bullet struck his chin, leaving him in excruciating pain and paralysing his right hand. 

Recalling the harrowing ordeal, Mpofu said he needs medical and financial aid as his ability to provide for his family has been compromised. 

 “They were trying to rob our vehicle and the bullet hit my chin and was lodged in the neck, I am in a lot of pain and my right hand is currently paralysed,” he said. 

“I am appealing for assistance, even If I can have a doctor who may assist in removing the bullet. I am even appealing for any help since I am now a cripple, I was a cross-border transporter but now I can’t fend for my family.” 

His uncle, Pilate Ndebele revealed that Mpofu was hospitalised for three months in Botlokwa Hospital in South Africa following the attack. 

He was discharged two months ago, but the bullet remains lodged and he now suffers from partial paralysis. 

Ndebele said his nephew is still undergoing physiotherapy sessions. 

“We are appealing for a specialist to assist him, we are even confused as when one doctor wanted to operate on him the other one said it was not a good idea since the bullet is in a critical area, so we don’t know which is which as he is a family man with children but now everything is on stand still,” he said. 

For those able to offer support, contact Zwelani Mpofu on +27 68 224 5941 or his uncle Pilate Ndebele on +27 72 352 3426.

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