Devolution will spur development in Mat South: CCC

The Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) says it will push for devolution in Matabeleland South so that locals benefit from their local resources.

This was said by aspiring Member of Parliament for Gwanda Chitaudze, Jaston Mazhale, at a community meeting convened by Chief Khulumani of Gwanda.

Mazhale said Matabeleland South is endowed with a lot of resources and as a party they will ensure that locals are trained on how to make the most of their resources and develop their area.

“We believe in consultative leadership. Our party, as a government in waiting, will enshrine Chapter 14 of the Constitution which speaks to devolution. It has three tyres which are central government, provincial government and local government. These three need to work together closely and ensure that there is development in communities,” Mazhale said.

“Mat South is very rich in terms of resources, but it is only the lazy minds that make us poor. We do not have enough rains here, but if we are voted into power we will push for exchange programs for farmers to learn how to harvest and conserve water as is done in Israel.”

Mazhale said Matabeleland South has numerous border posts but the areas have nothing to show for them.

“We cry about being poor but we have almost five border posts and the Beitbridge one is the biggest in Sub-Saharan Africa but if you tour the areas around there you will realise that there is nothing to tell for all the money made there. Where is the money from the Plumtree border post, from Maitengwe? This is where devolution comes in,” he said.

“We should be in charge of our finances and give a certain percentage to Harare not the other way round. Look at how South African provinces have been developed! We can also do the same for ourselves.”

He added, “The other resource we have is sand, which can be used to manufacture glass. We have a lot of rivers here-Thuli, Shashe, Limpopo-from which we can harvest the sand. All these are resources we can use to develop our areas. If we manufacture enough glass it can be exported and bring in a lot of foreign currency.”

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