Thieves strike at Plumtree community clinic

Thieves broke into Gwambe Community clinic in Bulilima district, Plumtree, and got away with 16 zinc roofing sheets, CITE has established.

The matter came to light when community members reported for duty at the clinic which is still under construction on Wednesday.

Speaking to CITE ward 2 Councillor Melusi Loveson Nkomo said the clinic is a community project.

Councillor Melusi Nkomo

“We have a community-funded clinic which is under construction in Gwambe 2 village, as a community we were working there as different groups and villages, we had already roofed the first wing of the building,” said Cllr Nkomo.

He said the community members who were scheduled to work at the clinic on Wednesday last week discovered that 16 IBR roofing zinc sheets had been stolen.  

“We reported the issue to Plumtree police but the response has not been satisfactory. I only heard that they came the following day. The Rural District Council (RDC) had asked for the pictures and we sent them, I am not sure whether they will assist us,” he said.

Councillor Nkomo said the community had received 54 zinc roofing from the diaspora community.

“We will continue building even though our children from the diaspora were disappointed, they had bought 54 zinc sheets in total,” he said.

“We suspect that the thieves are working with someone within our community, someone from afar can’t do something like this alone.”

Matabeleland South acting police spokesperson, Inspector Loveness Mangena confirmed the incident saying the accused persons are still at large.

“We are still investigating the case and we are appealing to members of the public who might be knowing the perpetrators to come up with the names to any nearest police station,” said Inspector Mangena.

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