Byo residents continue to defy lockdown regulations

The enforcement of the 30-day Level 4 Covid-19-induced lockdown, which the country retreated to this week, following the spiralling of coronavirus cases is rather weaker compared to that one of March last year when cases were even lower, CITE has observed.

The government last Saturday announced additional stiff Covid-19-induced lockdown measures including bringing back dusk to dawn curfew and banning public gatherings save for funerals, following a sharp increase in cases and deaths during the festive season.

There has been a surge in Covid 19 cases during this festive season with 1,342 Covid 19 cases and 29 deaths being recorded in a week representing the highest number recorded since the pandemic was detected in March last year.

However, a visit to the central business district (CBD) and some residential areas of Bulawayo Thursday showed that lockdown enforcement was rather weaker with people seen milling around doing business as usual.

During the first ever lockdown in March, one could literally count people in the city centre which was virtually deserted but this is not the case with the current lockdown.

CITE witnessed money changers doing their deals in the streets as if there was no lockdown while vendors were also seen selling their stuff.

“I wouldn’t say people are adhering to the lockdown regulations; there’s a clear disregard for that and the public is not taking the lockdown seriously,” said a man, who only identified himself as Tinotenda of Barbourfields.

He said the enforcement seemed weaker this time around.

“There are no serious patrols from the security sector,” he said.

“The enforcement during the previous lockdown was stronger and a lot of people adhered to it due to the heavy presence of command elements on the streets. The current economic situation is forcing people to violate the lockdown regulations.”

He added that there was no way hungry people could remain home without food.

“People are trying to adhere to lockdown regulations but it’s a challenge considering that there is economic meltdown in the country and everyone has to do makeshifts to make ends meet,” said Nkosiphile Sithole of Mzilikazi.

“That’s why it is very hard for everyone to adhere to lockdown regulations. Vendors are violating lockdown regulations because they have to make ends meet. There is no way they can stay home, suffer and die of hunger because of a disease which is out there.”

He said the economic situation in the country was making it impossible for many people to adhere to lockdown regulations.

“In one way or another, everyone is going to violate lockdown regulations whether vendor or not because they have to make ends meet,” he emphasized.

“It’s the government’s responsibility to offer some economic relief to cushion their pockets.”

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