NRZ train engine failure disrupts early morning traffic

Cowdray Park residents were stuck in traffic for an hour Tuesday morning after a goods train coming from Hwange to Bulawayo experienced a locomotive failure while passing through the level crossing. 

The level crossing is on the main road leading in and out of the suburb.  

The National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) managed to send another locomotive to pull the train after an hour.

NRZ Public Relations Manager, Andrew Kunambura confirmed the incident and issued an apology to the Cowdray Park residents who were inconvenienced.

“The NRZ would like to apologise for the blockage of the Luveve-Cowdray Park level crossing this morning (20/06/2023) by one of its trains. This was after a  train coming from Hwange to Bulawayo experienced a locomotive failure while passing through the level crossing,” Kunambura said.

“This prevented vehicles from using the level crossing for just over an hour (from 0725Hrs  to 0835Hrs). The line was cleared when another locomotive was sent to pull the train. The NRZ would like to apologize to motorists and travelling public for the inconvenience caused by the road blockage.”

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