Mahachi denies scalding his son

Questions abound over the circumstances that led to Zimbabwe Warriors and Supersport United player, Kuda Mahachi’s four-year-old son suffering third-degree burns.

Previous reports have claimed that 28-year-old Mahachi who is based in South Africa scalded the child with hot water, leaving him with life-threatening injuries.

Mahachi allegedly smuggled his son back to Zimbabwe and he had to be admitted to Mpilo Hospital where a part of his right foot was amputated.

In light of these serious allegations, Mahachi was suspended by his South African club.

Addressing the press in Bulawayo on Tuesday, Mahachi’s legal representative, Nkosiyabo Sibanda from Tanaka Law Chambers, said his client denies injuring his son.

“He also wishes to advise the media that he never smuggled the minor child to Zimbabwe. He wants to make it clear that he has every intention of making sure his minor child receives appropriate health care through specialised medical practitioners,” he said.

“Mahachi advises he will pursue the legal route to see him afforded an opportunity to provide the appropriate health care to his minor child and after that, he will be approaching the courts to vindicate his image.”

The lawyer claimed Mpilo authorities barred doctors sent by Mahachi to check on his son.

This unfortunate incident, according to Sibanda, has made Mahachi think there are people who are benefiting from “the false narrative that has been sold to the public.”

“One recalls that initially there was a story which claimed that our client’s son’s leg was amputated but of late, that has since changed. One wonders what the real medical status of the child is at the current moment,” said the lawyer who claimed Mahachi was denied access to the medical report by hospital authorities that shows the health status of the minor child.

From the lawyer’s sentiments, it emerged that no police case has been opened.

“Our client can only do such necessary steps after having conclusive information that will come from the medical report,” Sibanda said.

“What is worrying our client is some broadcaster has gone live on various platforms and claimed access to the medical report, the minor child, claimed to have interviewed the minor child, had a conversation with the social workers who are allegedly communicating with the minor child yet the father of the child is denied the same.”

“What is worrisome if the allegations of amputation are true why would Mpilo allow a minor child to be interviewed in that state.”

Mahachi’s lawyer said “his fans deserve his side of the story” and pointed out his client has “not received anything from the police that indicates he has been fingered in all of this.”

He added the public allegations levelled against him through various media platforms, were “unfortunate, worrisome and have tormented him deeply,” as it exposed his son’s condition which ought to be private.

“On allegations that our clients scalded a minor he never did such an act to his only son and stories that he is responsible for are a fabrication and designed to tarnish him as an international footballer,” Sibanda said.

Sibanda claimed Mahachi has tried all efforts to do fatherly duties towards the minor and engaged two medical doctors, and specialists in matters of children’s health but the two were barred from assessing the child and providing further medical health care if there was such a need.

The lawyer could not reveal if Mahachi was in Zimbabwe citing that revealing his whereabouts would jeopardise his safety.

“Because of the circulating stories you are aware of threats he has received publicly,” he said and remarked that Mahachi has the right to send a medical doctor to see his child.

“Even if goes he has no medical skill but requires a medical doctor to go and see him. On this instance, it was done and is what is expected of a father who loves his child.”

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