Benefit concert for Dabengwa Foundation

Bulawayo artists will, Sunday, hold a musical show in honour of the late national icon, Dumiso Dabengwa, with the proceeds set to be channelled to the Dr Dumiso Dabengwa Foundation.

Dr Dabengwa, 79 died on May 23, 2019, from an undisclosed illness, in Nairobi, en route to Zimbabwe from India where he had gone to seek medical attention.

He was declared a national hero with thousands of people attending his burial in Ntabazinduna, last Saturday.

The fundraising initiative by Bulawayo artists, is meant to support the foundation which was his brainchild, which he set up as “an alternative approach to the current model of development cooperation”.

Director of the Foundation, Mthulisi Hanana told CITE that the artists planned a family fun day for Bulawayo to enjoy while dedicating their works to the late hero.

“This was their idea to raise funds for the foundation and Babongile Sikhonjwa is the brains behind it. The family fun day is a charity idea by musicians, which we welcome and a member of the Dabengwa family will speak.

“The entry charge starts from RTGS$10, the VIP charge will be US$10 while the VVIP will be US$20 and all proceeds go to the foundation. The show will be held at the Highlanders Hlabangana Lounge next to the Club house,” he said.

Featured artists will include award winning Sandra Ndebele, Clement Magwaza, Novuyo Seagirl, Hwabarathy, Msizikay, Mzoe 7 Band Fusion and other notable singers.

“The show will also cater for children as well so families can come out and enjoy themselves while honouring the legacy of the late Dabengwa,” Hanana said.

This idea comes after Hanana at Dabengwa’s memorial service made an impassioned plea to individuals and corporates to fund the Foundation.

 “When we set up the Foundation, Dr Dabengwa indicated that he has no money to finance it. I assured him that people will finance it. Though we have become used to false promises I believe that this foundation will leave and continue to preserve the legacy of Dr Dabengwa. It can’t afford to fold because Dr Dabengwa pleaded with us to continue. We will continue,” he said at the time.

The director also called on those concerned about Dabengwa’s memoirs and were moved by the objectives to come on board.

“We have gone for over a year without pay. We are passionate about the cause. We today call on all. Dr Dabengwa had no money that is why much ground was not covered. But all of us here working together can support his Foundation.

“We expect that corporates and business people such as Nyaradzo who bury this giant will also contribute to his Legacy by financing it after tomorrow. We expect the same from all cooperate giants like Econet Wireless, we expect the same from business people like Busisa Moyo, Morris Brown and the like,” Hanana said.

The Dabengwa foundation was also set up to propagate the history of the liberation struggle and the contribution of Zapu and ZPRA.

“If ever there is something that Dr Dabengwa was concerned about, it is the history of this country which conveniently omits and ignores the heroic contributions of ZPRA in the liberation of this country.

“As a result, we agreed that history might have versions but omissions are a serious injustice to future generations. As such we are working tirelessly to contribute to the true narrative of the history of this country,” the director noted.

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