MP expresses concern over bullying, suicide cases at schools

Member of Parliament for Bulawayo Central Constituency Nicola Watson has raised concern about the increasing bullying and suicide cases in schools and called for a ministerial statement on the matter.

Watson made the remarks during a question-and-answer session in parliament recently.

“My point of national interest relates to cases of suicide of students who claim to have been bullied at school.  I would like to implore the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education to bring a statement about what they intend to do to try and resolve the issues of bullying in Government schools, particularly senior schools. In Bulawayo, it is very prevalent and it has now caused great tragedy in our community.  I think that these are major schools that the Minister should come and tell us what they are planning,” she requested.  

Deputy speaker of Parliament Tsitsi Gezi said the Parliament administration would convey the message to the responsible Minister, Dr Evelyn Ndlovu so that brings a Ministerial Statement regarding that issue. 

The most recent case of suicide due to bullying in Bulawayo was reported at Hamilton High School where a 15-year-old learner took his life by allegedly drinking a pesticide. 

In another incident, a learner from Founders High School was fatally stabbed by a learner from Hamilton. 

In Tsholotsho, Matabeleland South, three learners at Mathula High School were arrested after a video in which they were filmed assaulting a female learner from the same school went viral on social media platforms. 

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