Digital permits streamline cross-border transport in Zimbabwe

By Ndumiso Tshuma

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development has introduced digital Cross Border Permits and COMESA Carrier Licences for both passenger and freight transport operators.

The implementation of these digital permits came into effect on May 9, 2024.

In a statement, Transport Minister Felix Mhona said the digital Cross Border Permit issuance operates under the framework of Article 4 of the Bilateral Road Transport Agreements established between Zimbabwe and SADC Member States.

Mhona said similarly, the COMESA Carrier Licence issuance follows the guidelines outlined in Article 85 of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa Treaty.

He added that these pivotal agreements, including the Bilateral Road Transport Agreements and the COMESA Treaty, are aimed to streamline and enhance cross-border traffic movement between nations.

“The Bilateral Road Transport Agreements and the COMESA Treaty are meant to facilitate the smooth and unimpeded flow of cross-border traffic between countries,” said Mhona.

He added that the new development will usher in a new era of enhanced security features which have set a higher standard for authentication and verification processes.

“Permits and licenses have a digitally signed barcode which is readable by any mobile device. It is now easier for both local and regional traffic law enforcement agents to verify and validate the authenticity of the Permits and Licenses,” he said.

Furthermore, Mhona said an ICT system has been implemented for processing these digital permits and licences and that the system is seamlessly integrated with the Central Vehicle Registry which has enabled real-time validation of vehicle licensing and registration details.

“This system is also integrated with insurance companies to validate statutory third-party motor insurance and passenger liability cover. This will enhance the ease of doing business for transport operators who will enjoy the convenience of reduced waiting times when they apply for the new Permits and Licences issued at our Road Motor Transportation Offices situated in all the provincial centres across the country,” said Mhona.

Mhona stated that by centralising and streamlining these validation processes, the transport operators are set to benefit from a more efficient and convenient application process. Reduced waiting times, facilitated by the integration of the new digital permit and licence system, will enhance the overall ease of doing business for operators.

“From a transport planning perspective, this new system will enhance our capacity to monitor trends in regional transport corridors, to implement reforms in the cross-border road transport sector to align Zimbabwe more closely with the requirements of existing Multilateral Transport and Trade Facilitation Protocols to achieve regional integration,” he said.

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