Mayor Mguni responds to Chamisa order

Bulawayo Mayor, Solomon Mguni has denied allegations that they have been ordered by MDC president Nelson Chamisa to issue a public apology to Bulawayo residents following the clash between some Councillors and Town Clerk, Christopher Dube.

Instead, the mayor said it their duty as the local authority to update stakeholders together with residents on the position of the local authority following last month’s debacle.

“No,No! to say we have been ordered is a wrong diction to use, it is our duty as the local authority to give an update on the position of the City following last month’s mis-understandings, it is people’s  right to know on the proceedings of the local authority,” Mayor Mguni said.

Last month, Deputy Mayor together with other councillors attempted to remove the Town Clerk, Christopher Dube from office,a move that received negative reaction from pressure groups together with residents.

In an interview with CITE, Mayor Mguni said it is what is expected of them to interface with residents.

“Following July 11 and 12 misunderstandings, it is our duty to get back to our stakeholders together with  residents and explain what really transpired and where we stand now.

“The way those events unfolded tarnished the image of Bulawayo and people do not know where we stand at the moment hence we are working on giving our update to the people as the local authority,” said Mayor Mguni.

Last month, Chamisa ordered councillors to hold weekly feedback meetings with residents in their respective wards.

“The councillors don’t need to agree, it is an instruction and this is the correct way of doing things.

“This is not a dialogue, it is an instruction from the party,” Chamisa had said

“Residents told me a lot of issues, they said they are unhappy with a lot of issues, generally the humility of councillors to be able to explain their position to residents and mixing politics with service delivery.”

Meanwhile, in response to the order Mayor Mguni said:

“It is not that councillors were not having the feedback meeting before, it is just a few who were not  holding those meetings.

“So far I think everyone is doing what they have to do.

“It was then just a reminder from the party directives  that we come from the people hence we have to go back to them and give them updates on the city’s position on services delivery issues and other issues that affect the City of Bulawayo,” he said.

Mayor Mguni said MDC councillors are working on regaining the resident’s trust.

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