Govt to revamp tertiary education curriculum

The government is restructuring the curriculum for higher and tertiary institutions so that it produces products and services that relate to the industry and commerce demands.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said this while engaging with the youths
at the inaugural National Youth Indaba in Harare on Friday, where he emphasised that the new education curriculum will respond to the current environment.

The Youth Indaba is being held under the theme, “My future is today”

“Only through functional education will you be able to create wealth. Young people should be able to look at the modern world economy and find careers which fit our economic situation,” said President Mnangagwa.

“In this regard, I also launched a National Optic Fibre Link in Beitbridge which will see a more widely distributed efficient and affordable Internet connectivity throughout the country.”

The President also spoke about the introduction of incubation hubs, which he said
would nurture the skills of young people.

“My administration is revamping all the vocational training centres across the country which will be the engine rooms for artisans who will practically drive industrialization in Zimbabwe”

“This will ensure school leavers and graduates from tertiary institution acquire appropriate, technical and internal skills”.

He encouraged universities to utilize incubation hubs established in the country to nature and grow innovative ideas.

President Mnangagwa challenged the youth to utilise the new infrastructure in order to create world-class business start-ups.

While answering some questions Mnangagwa said that the establishment of the Empowerment Bank should drive job revolution in the country

“You must utilize the present instruments of empowerment to raise new generation jobs of a modern, high, technical and industrialized Zimbabwe”.

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