Founders school celebrates 70th anniversary

Founders High School in Bulawayo, Friday, held a colourful parade as part of celebrations to mark the school’s 70th anniversary.

The street march which began at Bellevue shops to the school was led by the  Zimbabwe National Army Band performing on the way while the school’s drum majorettes followed behind in a choreographed routine and the rest of the learners were cheering on.  

The organiser of the parade Matilda Hikwa, who is also a former teacher at the institution said the parade received a lot of attention from the public as they were taking pictures and videos of the procession. 

She also said the parade went as planned as the police managed to control the traffic on the route so that there would be order along the way. 

In an interview with CITE, the school head Dorothea Moyo said the school’s last big celebration was on its 63rd anniversary, which included a dinner on the day. 

She said part of the celebrations is to fundraise at least US$1 000 to retile four classrooms whose tiles have worn out over the years.  

Moyo noted that the commemoration was a stress reliever and a way to make the learner refresh their minds before examinations start.  

“Learners have been locked down, and when we have such an event that is when you see them happy just before the exams,” said Moyo. 

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