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Chamisa’s electoral promises: Beitbridge rally

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) President Nelson Chamisa was in Beitbridge on Sunday to drum up support for the opposition party ahead of the 26 March elections.

We managed to track some of the promises he made during his address.

-No police officer will be manning roadblocks; we will put digital cameras because we are speaking of modern and digital policing.

We don’t want to change the police and the soldiers but what we want to change is the government because it has overstayed.

-When elected, fixing the country won’t be a problem to us, the first thing that we will be fixing is the rule of law.

– No one will intimidate anyone in the citizens’ government. In our government, if you beat someone or kill someone you go straight to jail, we want peace in this country.

-We want to bring a new culture of leaders, not rulers, we don’t want to be rulers, we want to be leaders and leaders don’t impose themselves on the people, leaders are servers.

-When I am elected it’s all about availing jobs and money. Fixing the country’s currency, I want to return your dignity that in your own country you don’t use foreign currency.

-When we are elected the fuel prices will be the same with other countries.

-Teachers. We want to take you back to where you were in 2017, we will start your salaries at US$540.

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