Form 3 student fatally stabbed in Bulawayo

A Form 3 student at a local school in Bulawayo, Russel Nkomo, was fatally stabbed yesterday in Magwegwe North.

The assailant is an 18-year-old who is also a Form 3 learner.

Bulawayo Police Spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident and said members of the public should desist from carrying dangerous weapons such as screwdrivers, knives, machetes, and axes in public places.

According to police, Nkomo was in the company of his friend when they encountered the assailant, who had assaulted Nkomo’s friend the previous day.

Nkomo confronted the assailant, and an altercation ensued. The assailant stabbed Nkomo with an okapi in the chest. Nkomo was pronounced dead at the scene.

Inspector Ncube urged members of the Public to solve their problems amicably rather than to use violence as this leads to unnecessary loss of life.

He added that the behaviour of gangsterism should be discouraged by all stakeholders, schools and families included.

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