We are ready to expose Zanu PF rigging machinations: Chamisa

MDC-T President and MDC Alliance Presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa says there ready to expose alleged fraud during the Biometric Voter Registration process.

Chamisa told CITE in a wide ranging interview of allegations that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) registered under age voters as part of the broader Zanu PF election rigging strategy.

“Our colleagues in Zanu PF know one thing that is electoral skulduggery and electoral theft. They have never sort a mandate from the people they want to manipulate and massage the will of the people,” charged Chamisa.

“They are likely to continue to do that and may want to repeat it but the good news that we have for the people of Zimbabwe is that we have an answer, in the reforms that we are pressing for”.

Chamisa said there were alleged irregulaties during the BVR exercise especially in the Midlands province.

“Are there no young people who were registered who were underage, from the information that we have, particularly in the Midlands and other provinces.

“We are conscious of those things and we are actually making sure that we flash them out and we are going to expose the culprits for who they are,” the MDC-T president said.

The youthful politician also dismissed conspiracies that he was nicodemously working with President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“I think it is an insult to think that I am capable of being a poodle or a puppet. It is not possible for people who do not agree on certain things to actually be compatible.

“We are like oil and water, it is white and black, day and night between myself and Mr Mnangagwa. He believes what I don’t believe in and loves what I don’t love and think what I don’t think,” said Chamisa.

He said their interaction has only been limited to parliament where they both conduct government business.

Chamisa also revealed that they will launch their 2018 election manifesto once the poll dates have been announced.

Zimbabwe is likely to go for polls between July and August.

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