Coronavirus scare at Chicken Inn

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Business came to a standstill at one of Simbisa’s fast foods outlets – Chicken Inn – in Chivhu Sunday afternoon, when a cashier allegedly manifested symptoms of Coronavirus.

A source who spoke to CITE alleged authorities at Chicken lnn concealed the matter fearing if the case was to become public the Chivhu branch would be shut down.

He said the cashier was rushed to Chivhu Hospital but was not attended to because nurses were on an industrial action.

The source further said the cashier was later attended by personnel from Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS).

“The Chicken Inn authorities fear if the Coronavirus case is reported Chicken lnn Chivhu would be closed so management has kept quiet,” said the source.

“She was attended to by ZPCS personnel who suspected it was Coronavirus. Since there is no testing equipment at Chivhu Hospital, they referred her to Wilkins Hospital in Harare.”

He added the hospital ambulance had no fuel resulting in the ‘patient’ using public transport.

Contacted for comment, Simbisa Brands managing director, Warren Meares, dismissed the incident, saying it had nothing to do with Coronavirus.

He instead said the cashier was pregnant and fell sick during her shift due to the long hours spent by cashiers standing.

“There was a case of a pregnant cashier who fell sick during her shift,” said Meares.

 She was rushed to Chivhu Hospital and the doctor gave her three days off sick. The doctor said she was exhausted from the long hours she spent standing at work.”

Efforts to get comments from Ministry of Health and Childcare were fruitless as their phones went unanswered.

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