Residents fret over stray dogs

Nkulumane residents want the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to issue a tie-up order to rid the area of stray dogs and cats which they say are terrorising them.

The local authority usually enforces a dog tie-up order to control the number of stray dogs in the city.

Those who do not adhere to the order have their pets shot down.

Speaking during a Ward 20 feedback meeting held Sunday some residents said the stray dogs and cats are causing discomfort.  

“What is the Council’s policy with regards to stray dogs and cats. There are so many of them in our area and they terrorise residents. The owners should keep them in their yards,” said one resident.

He said they were worried that the animals might have rabies and end up biting people.

Another resident complained about stray donkeys which she said were destroying their vegetable gardens.

“There are also donkeys which are eating our vegetables, what should we do with those, the owners are not taking any action and are rude whenever we approach them,” said the resident.

Meanwhile, ward 20 Councilor Alderman Ernest Rafamoyo encouraged residents to take stray donkeys to the housing office and report such animals as the city by-laws are clear.

“We are also going to talk to Council for a tie-up order to get rid of the stray animals,” said Alderman Rafamoyo.

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