Police urge residents to alert council of ‘death pits’

Bulawayo police have urged residents to alert the local authority any uncovered pits in their localities so that they can be covered to avoid further loss of life.

This follows the death of two minors who drowned while swimming in a disused pit in Cowdray Park suburb on Wednesday.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube said these uncovered pits collect water during the rainy season and they attract minors exposing them to immense danger.

“I can confirm a case of sudden death involving two minors who drowned in a disused pit in Cowdray Park near TM supermarket. Two male juveniles aged 11 and 9 drowned in a pit. They were in the company of three other friends who did not enter into the pit,” inspector Ncube said.

“The incident occurred on November 10 at around 11:30 AM. The deceased was coming from school when they decided to swim in a five-meter deep pit. The pit is old and not secured. One of the minors noticed that the two were drowning. He tried to rescue them but he failed. The bodies of the two were ferried to United Bulawayo Hospitals.”

Inspector Ncube called on members of the public to report all pits and unused wells to local authorities so that they can be attended to.

“We urge parents to teach their children not to play in water. They should communicate with teachers at their children’s schools so that they obtain knocking off time and monitor the activities they engage in after school hours in order to protect them from such danger.”

Insp Ncube also highlighted that the police have received reports of school children who hang around 3rd Avenue after school hours, drinking alcohol and engaging in public fights.

He said measures are being set in place to deal with these children.

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