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Chamisa’s electoral promises in Tsholotsho

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president addressed a rally at Tsholotsho Business Centre on Monday.

These are some of the promises he made:


-Our government is going to ensure that the local resources benefit the locals, we are going to allow local wildlife management in such a way that we build schools, roads, and local clinics with local resources because these elephants must benefit the local people.

-We want people to be access birth certificates, national IDs, and Passports here in Tsholotsho. Everything is going to be computerized, at birth every child is going to be registered so that it is easier for them when they go to school

-We want to make sure we develop Matabeleland North.

-We have an urbanization program, we want to develop our rural areas, let there be electricity, water, basic necessities so that we are able to develop our rural areas.

-We are not promoting division, but we are promoting local languages so that we get the best out of our local people, we want people to be united, we want people to work together but respect our local languages and our local culture.


-I am also aware that there is a Gukurahundi problem, I told Mugabe, I told ZANU-PF Leadership that you cannot sweep Gukurahundi under the carpet, its an unresolved national question but you are not able to solve it, we can solve it, we are going to give you a roadmap of what we are going to do.

-We want community leaders, local leaders, and everyone to be part of the national healing, healing does not start from the top, it starts from the below. We want to talk to you about what you want to see, compensation must be given where it is due, healing must be given where it is due and we must allow those who want to bury their loved ones to bury them in peace and the Government must support that because it was an error of government.

Law enforcement

Under our government, all police officers will not use a gun against our citizens

-Under our government, no police officer is going to use teargas, water cannons like what happened in Gokwe against our citizens.

-We want police officers to live very well, we want to give them money so that they are happy as police officers.

-We won’t have a youth militia working for the political party.

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