ZACC goes after Umguza RDC officials

The suspension yesterday of five Umguza Rural District Council (RDC) councillors by the Ministry of Local Government for allegedly frustrating investigations by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) will not halt the investigation process, the anti-graft body’s spokesperson, John Makamure has said.

The five councillors suspended by Local Government Deputy Minister, Marian Chombo, include the Chairperson, Councillor Alexander Mhlanga, who allegedly worked in cahoots with Umguza RDC Chief Executive Officer Collen Moyo who is facing criminal charges to throw spanners into the commission’s investigations.

Umguza RDC is currently being investigated by ZACC on land allocation corruption and other related underhand deals.

Makamure told CITE their investigations would not in any way be affected by the suspensions, which he said he was yet to learn of.

“Any suspension doesn’t prevent us from carrying out our investigations,” said Makamure.

“That is a ministry decision to suspend them (councillors) but ZACC will continue with its investigations. If there are any suspensions, those suspensions have no bearing on our investigations, investigations will continue.”

Makamure further said: “Even if someone loses a job it doesn’t mean that we halt the investigations. You can still be prosecuted even after leaving your job.”

He said he was not aware of any arrests made so far.

“But what I know is that we are carrying out our investigations; we are reviewing systems and compliance issues.”

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