World Vision, Cure Zimbabwe, to help children with treatable disabilities

Local humanitarian organisations have come together to offer healthcare assistance to children with treatable disabilities. 

World Vision Zimbabwe (WVZ) and CURE Children’s Hospital of Zimbabwe (CURE Zimbabwe) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to improve the efficiency of both organisations through close collaboration to allow them to succeed in their joint mission to improve the lives of children in Zimbabwe. 

In a statement, the organisations said they will help children suffering from treatable disabilities like clubfoot, bowed legs, knock knees, and cleft lip and palate. 

“This agreement allows collaboration through a variety of impactful methods, including sharing resources (gifts in kind), sharing best practices, joint public advocacy, and joint grant application and acquisition. World Vision will identify, transport, and make medical referrals to CURE Zimbabwe for children who are suffering from treatable disabilities like clubfoot, bowed legs, knock knees, and cleft lip and palate,” the statement read.  

“Both organisations will also document and communicate obstacles to success and will exchange ideas and skills to overcome operational hurdles to serving children with limited access to the healthcare services they need.” 

World Vision Zimbabwe Country Director, Assan Golowa, said the MOUis a significant step towards improving access to healthcare for children made vulnerable by their disabilities in Zimbabwe. 

“This impactful collaboration will promote the synergy between our two organizations and will focus on transparency, accountability, empowerment, and burden sharing. The main objective of this partnership is to broaden our collective impact on community development initiatives, especially in areas related to health and development,” he said. 

By partnering with World Vision Zimbabwe, CURE Zimbabwe will be able to treat more children from more remote communities than ever before, said Jonathan Simpson, Executive Director of CURE Zimbabwe.

“As brothers and sisters in Christ, this is a great new opportunity to bring hope and the surgery that brings healing to children in need who are loved by God and whom we are called to serve.”

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