Vic Falls: More residents queue up to receive Covid-19 vaccine

By Judith Sibanda

Hundreds of Victoria Falls residents who were yet to be vaccinated flooded the main public hospital on Wednesday to receive their first jabs as the deadly pandemic continues to ravage the country. 

On Tuesday, the district recorded 72 new cases of which 52 of them were people who have not been vaccinated. 

The other eight had been vaccinated while the remaining were yet to be confirmed. 

When CITE visited the vaccination site in the morning said they had been pushed to vaccinate by the infection rate. 

“Last week l lost my neighbour after a short Covid-19 illness and with the number of deaths and infections the country has been recording, I was left with no choice but to get vaccinated,” said one resident.

Others said they had been alarmed by the number of positive cases that the district was recording against low recovery rates. 

District Medical Officer Fungai Musinami who was monitoring the proceedings said it was too early for the district to ascertain the uptake, which resumed today due to the unavailability of vaccines in the last few weeks. 

“We will see how people are going to come, but we hope to vaccinate 30 000 especially in Hwange urban which has become a hotspot,” said Musinami.

Hwange Colliery Company employees queue to receive their doses on Wednesday

In March, a vaccination campaign to have every adult in Victoria Falls vaccinated was launched to open up the premier resort town to visitors.

Out of the targeted 25 000, officials says 80 percent managed to get vaccinated including those from the peri-urban areas. 

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