We are a Zimbabwean company: TTI

Tendy Three Investments (TTI), the company managing the Bulawayo City Council (BCC)’s vehicle parking system, has dismissed widespread speculations that it is a South African entity.

The contract between TTI and the local authority – a Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) is crafted in such a way that the former remits 30 percent of the revenue to the latter while pocketing 70 percent

At its inception in February this year, the system received a backlash from some stakeholders who felt the US$1 parking fee for 30 minutes was exorbitant while others felt the deal was a disadvantage to the local authority.

Opposition ZAPU has also petitioned the local authority, while one city lawyer has filed court papers suing both TTI and BCC for their administrative ‘failures.’

There were also those stakeholders who felt the deal should be suspended until meaningful consultations had been done.

Speaking Friday on the Breakfast Club, CITE online daily show, TTI chairman, Lizwe Mabuza said he is a citizen of Zimbabwe and his company is registered in the country.

“Tendy has directors here in Zimbabwe, it is a Zimbabwean-registered company,” said Mabuza.

“This is all public information that can be verified with the Registrar of Companies in Zimbabwe. The contract that is there, is between Tendy Three-Zimbabwe and the Bulawayo City Council. Tendy Three South Africa does not have any contract whatsoever with the City of Bulawayo and was not the one responding to the City Council’s expressions of interest being spoken of.”

He said his company met the requirements of the City Council, resulting in it winning the tender.

“The City of Bulawayo said they wanted to give the job to someone with the capacity and up-to-date technology and that’s where Mabuza comes in,” he said.

“Mabuza said, I am in Johannesburg and I have such technology. The South African component in this arrangement is that the machinery and the money invested are from South Africa through Mabuza, who is the Tendy Three chairman. I hope I have been very clear on that.”

TTI chairman said he is a Zimbabwean, adding there was no need for residents to discriminate against him.

“Mabuza is a citizen of this country,” he said.

“I went to Northlea High School here in Bulawayo. I have been staying at Emadonkini in Pumula, many people know that place. Upon completing my A Levels, I went to study at Wits University in South Africa.”

He further explained: “After that, I got a job in South Africa and worked there just like anybody else who went to work eGoli. However, I have not forgotten home; I am someone who goes there and comes back. Our roots as the Mabuza people are in Ratanyana in Kezi. So, this does not mean that when someone works in South Africa they have become a citizen of that country.

Mabuza said despite managing BCC’s smart parking system, they were also involved in other businesses.

“It’s not only the parking that we do in Bulawayo, there are many other things that we do considering we are running a number of different businesses,” said

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