Without vaccination proof, Matobo villagers fear they miss out on key services

The increase in incidents in which a vaccination certificate is required for one to access certain services has sent Nathisa villagers in Matobo district, who were not issued vaccination cards after receiving their Covid-19 jabs, into panic mode.

Due to a shortage of vaccination cards, the health officials had to use small notebooks to capture the details.

To add to the villager’s woes, the stamp used was faint triggering fears that they might not be able to use them elsewhere as proof they have been inoculated.

Some of the villagers who spoke to CITE said they were also hearing reports that in some areas people were being forced to pay for the vaccination cards.

“We were vaccinated around March but to our surprise, those who got vaccinated earlier received the vaccination cards but our batch did not receive the vaccination cards and they told us we will receive our cards later,” the villager said.

“What makes us concerned now is that we are reading stories that the vaccination cards are being sold in other areas even for those who have not been vaccinated.”

Another source added that the clinic stamps that were used in the out patients’ books were very faint hence it will be hard to prove that they got vaccinated.

“My name is not even there; I don’t know maybe their records are clearer,” she said.

“When we approached the sister in charge about our situation, they told us that our batch of the vaccine came without those cards.”

She said they fear that they won’t be allowed to access certain services without the vaccination cards.

Contacted for a comment, Matabeleland South Provincial Medical Director (PMD) Rudo Chikodzore said there was a period when they received Sinovac vaccine and vaccination cards were in short supply.

“Vaccination cards are now available and await facilities to declare their shortfalls so that they are supplied from the district hospitals,” said Dr Chikodzore.

She said those who had their vaccinations written in the outpatient booklets, upon providing their national identification cards and crosschecking of facility registers, will be provided with Covid-19 certificates.

“So, they simply present themselves to the health facility they had vaccinations done.”

Dr Chikodzore added that those receiving current vaccines are getting the new cards which are now serialized.

“Health workers will also be given the serialized cards because the initial ones had no serial numbers,” she said.

“Finally, for the faint stamps issue, we will advise clinics to ensure the use of visible ink. However, if a client got a vaccine at his or her clinic verification is not a challenge and they will be given the new serialized cards,” she said.

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