MDC Alliance to mobilise a million to join the party

The youths in the Nelson Chamisa led MDC Alliance have said they would mobilise about 1 million young people to join their structures under a planned massive recruitment drive as a means to challenge the closure of ‘democratic space’ in Zimbabwe.

In a communique announcing the resolutions of the youth assembly’s management committee meeting the party’s young people expressed concern over the closure of ‘democratic space’ adding a massive recruitment exercise would be embarked on soon.

The MDC Alliance is currently in a  battle of the control of the party with the faction led by Thokozani Khupe who assumed its interim leadership following a Supreme Court ruling.

Khupe has since recalled some legislators belonging to the MDC Alliance from Parliament.

MDC Alliance youth assembly secretary general, Gift Ostallos Siziba, said the party was forging ahead with a mass mobilisation programme to thwart any attempts to collapse the party by either Khupe or Zanu PF.

“Accordingly, it is in this context that the management committee of the MDC Alliance made several resolutions including the following immediate community based national programme to engage with structures and continue to build and organise from below,” Siziba said.

“Reject the proposed constitutional amendment number 2 as it is a direct attack and the heart and soul of constitutional democracy. Launch a 1 million campaign as a massive recruitment drive for the youth assembly.”

Siziba noted in the communique, the youth assembly was a critical arm of the party in advancing the agenda of the national democratic revolution.

“The youth assembly is a critical arm of the party in advancing the agenda of the national democratic revolution. We realise that some of our erstwhile comrades have decided to join hands with the enemy thereby betraying the struggle,” he said.

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