Villagers threatened with eviction for refusing to consult witch hunters

Igusi villagers in Nyamandlovu who reportedly declined to consult witch hunters popularly known as Tsikamutanda have been threatened with eviction.

The dubious witch hunters recently descended on Ward 10 villagers claiming to be on a mission to remove goblins from some of the homesteads.

They were demanding livestock and money as a form of payment.

Their presence in the area has reportedly divided the community with some in support of the action while others want the witch hunters to be banished.

One of the victims said she was given a 24-hour notice to vacate the village.

“I was given 24-hour notice to leave the area as I refused to see to entertain the witch hunters. I ended up going after being forced and they demanded a payment US$400. I refused to pay that amount,” she said.

After the incident, she was reportedly accosted by some villagers who demanded to know why she had refused to pay.

Reached for a comment, the village head Grace Mpofu said her hands are tied concerning the matter.

“They came through the headman and the chief, my role was to only welcome them. If people want them, there is nothing I can do,” said Mpofu.

She dismissed the allegations that villagers who refused to see the witch hunters were threatened with eviction.

“I did not hear that, those are lies. If someone doesn’t want to see the self-proclaimed witch hunters they are not forced, we announced that,” she said.

Ward councillor, Johannes Sibanda however confirmed the eviction threats.

“This thing is being controlled by the headman, they don’t inform me about anything  but the matter is true, this is what is happening in our area.”

“As a councillor, I tried to reason with the headman but as it is I have been failing to get hold of him,” he said 

Sibanda said he has tried to teach villagers about human rights.

“To me this is nonsense, I have even tried to teach people about human rights but it seems the village head is the one threatening them,” he said.

“I also advised people that anyone evicted should come to me before leaving, but so far no one has been evicted, there are just threats only.”

Efforts to get a comment from the village headman, Mr Tshakalisa were not fruitful as his mobile number was unavailable.

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