Bulawayo Mayor seeks diaspora engagement for city development

Bulawayo Mayor David Coltart is set to embark on a three-day visit to Johannesburg, South Africa, this week to strengthen ties with the Bulawayo diaspora community and encourage their participation in the city’s development.

The visit, hosted by the Joshua Nkomo Foundation SA, aims to foster collaboration between the city leadership and Zimbabweans based in South Africa to promote peace and development.

Mlamuli Nkomo, Director of the Joshua Nkomo Foundation SA, explained that the foundation will provide a platform for Mayor Coltart to share his vision for Bulawayo’s future with potential investors based in Johannesburg.

“The visit is twofold,” Nkomo said. “The first is a public meeting open to everyone, which we expect hundreds to attend. The second is a gala dinner attended by around 100 carefully selected delegates from the business and investment circles.”

The public meeting for all residents will be held at Halfway House in Midrand.

Nkomo emphasised the importance of the diaspora community in Bulawayo’s development. “With an estimated three million Zimbabweans, a significant portion of whom have ties to Bulawayo, we want to tap into this vast human resource and encourage their formal participation in the city’s affairs,” he stated.

The visit will also provide an opportunity for Bulawayo residents based in South Africa to engage with their mayor and discuss issues related to social services and access to housing.

Nkomo envisions a long-term plan for Bulawayo to establish a permanent office in Johannesburg, enabling residents to apply for housing based on their employment in South Africa.

“This office could cater to both business and social services,” he said.

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