Vic Falls lodges turned into quarantine facilities

By Judith Sibanda

Travellers visiting Zimbabwe via Victoria Falls will pay no less than US$650 for accommodation at the designated quarantine facilities in the resort cities.

Hwange District Medical Officer Fungai Musinami circulated a memo, Wednesday, that six lodges have been inspected and qualified to be used as quarantine centres in addition to Phezulu Lodge, Shearwater Explores Village and Zambezi Boutique Lodge which were approved last week.

The government imposed a mandatory 10-day quarantine for all travellers entering the country including returning residents, following the detection of the omicron variant.

Travellers who would have been out of the country for less than two weeks will quarantine at their homes.

The cheapest lodge, Shearwater Explores Village costs US$65 while Malachite house, a private home that offers self-catering services costs US$40.

At the Shearwater Explores Village locals will be charged between U$65 and US$130 while foreigners have to part with between $110 and US$190 a night.

The rates depend on the type of room.

Wallow Lodge charges US$150 per day while Kamtengo Guest House charges USD$120 per apartment and USD$150 per apartment peak season between December 15 and January 5.

The Zambezi Boutique Lodge charges US$$100 per room per night for bed and breakfast.

Phezulu Lodge, which used to charge US$60 per person since last year increased its rates to US$$95 for accommodation breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two drinks per day.

Pioneers Lodge’s bed and breakfast is pegged at USD$75 per person and full board costs USD$110/person excluding drinks.

The lodge said children under twelve will pay half price.

Batonka Guest Lodge bed and breakfast costs USD$95 per person while full board costs USD$125 per person while ACHM costs flat US$120 per day.

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