Fact Check: Can you drink alcohol after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine?

Claim:  An online publication ZIMGAZETTE claimed that the chairman of the State’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), an M.K Sudarshan claimed that those who get vaccinated for Covid-19 should abstain from drinking alcohol for at least 45 days after vaccination.

Verdict: Misleading

CITE contacted the Acting clinical director at Mpilo Hospital, Doctor Xolani Ndlovu said there is no evidence linking alcohol intake and the Covid-19 vaccine.

“That is not true. There is no evidence or any link between alcohol and Covid-19 vaccine,” he said.

In addition, Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) Secretary-General, Dr Norman Matara also added that there is no link between Covid-19 and alcohol intake.

“That is not true, there is no between Covid-19 vaccine and alcohol intake. There isn’t anything that we say people cannot take after taking the vaccine, you can still continue with your daily routines, daily meals. There is no food which is contra-indicated after taking the vaccine,” said Dr Matara.

Meanwhile, other health experts around the world also advised that there is no specific data surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine and alcohol consumption.

“There is no specific data surrounding Covid-19 vaccines, moderate alcohol use and alcoholism, but there is good reason for that,” said Toronto physician and clinical researcher Dr Iris Gorfinkel.

Gorfinkel stressed that she would suggest that everybody, “no matter how much alcohol they drink, should get vaccinated”.

“Alcohol should not be a barrier to getting the vaccine, period,” she said.

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