‘Undocumented Zimbabweans in SA fear reporting crime’

The Zimbabwe Community in South Africa has urged migrants to report crime to the police despite not having legal documentation.

This was raised at an anti-crime summit held, Thursday, in Hilbrow, Johannesburg under the theme, building crime free environments in our communities.

The anti -crime summit was held at a time when Zimbabweans have been fingered in criminal activities such as murder and theft amongst other criminal activities in the neighbouring country.

The summit was attended by South Africa Police Service (SAPS), Embassy of Zimbabwe officials, Political parties (ZCP, ZAPU,ZANU PF,MRP), religious leaders, traditional leaders, cultural groups, the Migrant Workers Union in South Africa (MWASA) and individual members of the community.

Speaking to CITE, the Zimbabwe Community in South Africa spokesperson, Bongani Mazwi Mkwananzi said many undocumented Zimbabweans fear reporting crime as they fear getting arrested.

“Many, particularly those who are undocumented would themselves fear going to the police station least they will be asked for passports,” said Mkwananzi.

He said the forum also encouraged members to join the community policing forums in areas where they stay.

“A Community policing forum is a group of people from different communities and police representatives who meet to discuss safety problems in their communities. They aim at ensuring police accountability, transparency and effectiveness in the community as they are established in terms of section 19(1) of the SAPS,” said Mkwananzi.

He said the Zimbabwe Community in South Africa are going to have another meeting to develop an action plan in the fight against crime.

“The Zimbabwe Community in South Africa will in two weeks convene a meeting with all stakeholders to set up the greater Johannesburg Community Committee and develop an Action Plan in the fight against crime”.

Mkwananzi added:”The greater Johannesburg Committee will appoint or elect individuals that will liaise with the community policing forums, these community committees will involve both South Africans and migrants, they should not be seen as migrant committees”.

He said the forum is going to intensify anti-crime campaigns through crusades and roadshows to give information to migrants.

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