Exploration for diamonds expected in Matobo

An unidentified company is set to conduct explorations for diamonds in Beula, Matobo District amid claims by villagers, gems have been discovered in that area, CITE has established.

This would be the first time for diamonds to be discovered in the gold-rich Matabeleland South Province.

A villager who attended a community meeting Tuesday in the area told CITE, the issue of diamonds being discovered in the area was touched.

“The Council (Matobo Rural District Council – MDRC) has given permission to a certain company to come and do the digging,” said the villager, who cannot be named for fear of victimisation.

But the councillor for the area, Madalaboy Ndebele, denied precious stones have been discovered in Beula.

“Aah! Who said that?” exclaimed Ndebele when CITE reached out to him.

“There are people who came wanting to do a research to establish if there are diamonds and we gave them a go-ahead with Chief Malaba and headmen in Ward 5, Beula. They said they would come and do explorations and then chat the way forward but they have not come back to me.”

He explained further: “We are still waiting for them. It’s true that people brought that up at the meeting and I told them that they were exaggerating the issue. There is no reality in that; diamonds have not been discovered yet. Once it comes true, I will tell them. The explorers can come anytime. Diamonds have not been discovered yet but they suspect they could be there.”

However, Ndebele could not be drawn into disclosing the identity of the company set to do explorations.

“Once they come I will phone and tell you the outcome of their explorations,” he instead said, when asked who the explorers were.

Headman Edward Ndlovu said the issue of Beula diamonds was still a rumour to him.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t want to lie to you; I haven’t received that information,” he said.

“I have just heard rumours from people but I don’t have anything concrete. We are however awaiting to see who those miners are because we also have our own children with money to do that work. Those diamonds should benefit us as a community.”

He added: “The problem is that you will be quick to publish while we are still investigating.”

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