Rains expected mid-November: MSD

The Meteorological Service Department (MSD) says effective rains will be expected in mid- November in most parts of the country.

MSD has predicted normal to above-normal rainfall during the first half of the cropping season stretching from October 2019 to December 2020.

Delays in the rains have since worried farmers in Matabeleland who now fear the possibility of another drought should the skies remain clear.

“We are expecting effective rains in Mid-November,” MSD director, Tichaona Zinyemba revealed to CITE.

“We are expecting rains from next week but it does not mean it will cover the whole country just like we experienced in the past week where some areas received some rains while others did not.”

He said the rains will be characterised by thunderstorms following the heatwave that has been experienced throughout the country.

“Our rains will be characterised by forms of thunderstorms which will be violent following that we are from the summer season.  The rains will be characterised by violent storms, hail and strong winds,” said Zinyemba.

Zinyemba warned the public to practice extra caution during thunderstorms.

“The public, in general, has to practice safety precautions when it is raining and avoid using cell phones and sheltering under objects,” he said.

However, Chief Agritex officer for Matabeleland North, Dumisani Nyoni recently told CITE that farmers in Matabeleland should focus on drought-resistant small grains that are suitable for the region.

“In this farming season, farmers in Matabeleland should major in small grains as these are suitable for our region.

“There will be few days where rain will fall in the second phase of the rainy season, so it is important that farmers major in maize seed that grows at almost 90 to 120 days,” explained Nyoni. 

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