Teachers threaten to flee school after goblin attack

By Vumani Mthiyane

Female teachers at Mleja Primary School in Gwanda are contemplating on abandoning their posts following the continued harassment suspected goblins that are reportedly sexually assaulting them at night.

As a result of the assault, female teachers wake up with semen on their bodies.  

One of the affected teachers who cannot be identified for professional reasons narrated the ordeal in an interview with CITE.

“Being a lady teacher at Mleja primary school is a nightmare and frustrating as we are sexually abused by unseen things during the night.

“The goblins are turning us into their wives, we dream sleeping with a man every day and the following only to find that you had sexual intercourse with an unknown creature while our children just get sick.

“However, we have taken up this issue with community members who are sympathizing with us and some village elders have promised to bring Tsikamutandas or prophets to come and exorcise the area,” said the teacher narrated.

She added that they have even written letters to their superiors and has been done by the authorities.

“We are traumatized by these goblins and can no longer concentrate on our work. What makes matters worse is that authorities have not done anything,” she said.

Asked about the history of such experiences in the school, another female teacher said this is not new.

“It’s on record that in the past, female teachers would experience mysterious miscarriages. When I experienced the sexual abuse I thought it was just a dream only to hear that my housemates had similar experiences.

“Some teachers who were once here also admitted having experienced such acts and thought it was caused by missing and longing for their partners yet in actual fact they were being sexually abused by goblins.

“We then started using salt in our rooms and the funny sounds disappeared,” she said.

This reporter went on to contact the Provincial Education Director, Lifias Masukume who declined having received such a report.

“This is news to me. I am just hearing this from you. I have the District Schools Instructor (DSI) on the ground and I have not received such a report.

“Secondly, the Mleja school head is an experienced person who has vast experience after serving for years as the DSI,” said the PED.

PED Masukume went on to say through experience it was difficult for him to comment on such reports.

“Talking from experience, I once commented on a similar issue that was happening at Gohole and the media misquoted me. I am therefore requesting you to go there and take pictures of those goblins then we can start talking,” said Masukume.

Insiza Ward 4 Councillor, Lawrence Maphosa confirmed having received the complaint from the female teachers.

“I can confirm that a month ago some female teachers from Mleja primary school approached me complaining about goblins. As a concerned leader, I then called a meeting and arranged for prayers and organised prophets to go and exorcise the school. After the prayers, teachers reported back that the situation had normalised.

“However, we were disappointed to hear that it has resurfaced again last week when the teachers complained of sexual assault by goblins.

“We have since arranged a meeting with the school head, traditional leaders and the school development committee, to address the issue,” said Cllr. Maphosa adding that 30 years ago the school faced a similar problem and was solved by a local traditional healer.

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