Notorious Hwange gang gets 20 years

By Ndumiso Tshuma

Four men have been sentenced to 21 years in prison by the Hwange Magistrates’ Court for a series of robberies across Hwange and Victoria Falls.

The crimes began on November 30th, 2023, when Mehluli Ncube (38), Rostele Lostin Ncube (43), Nehemiah Moyo (46), and an unidentified accomplice (still at large) targeted St. John’s Mission.

The gang gained entry through the main gate and threatened the security guard with a pistol, forcing him to stay silent.

One of the accused then threatened the security guard with an Okapi knife while the others broke into the priest’s house. They tied up the security guard before joining their accomplices inside.

The gang then bound the priest with heavy-duty cables and threatened to stab him before stealing his Huawei cellphone. They assaulted the priest while demanding cash and valuables. Fearing for his safety, the priest revealed the location of some cash in the wardrobe.

The robbers ransacked the house, stealing an assortment of items before loading them into their getaway vehicle along with the stolen cash.

Following a high-speed chase on December 2, 2023, police apprehended Mehluli Ncube and Rostele Lostin Ncube along Victoria Falls Road. Officers recovered the weapons used in the robberies, the stolen cellphones, and various stolen properties from the vehicle.

Further investigation revealed the gang’s involvement in other robberies targeting tour operators in Victoria Falls.

After a trial, Mehluli Ncube and Rostele Lostin Ncube were found guilty. The charges against Nehemiah Moyo were dismissed due to lack of evidence, and a warrant for the arrest of the third suspect remains in effect.

Both convicted men received a 21-year sentence with 1 year suspended, effectively serving 20 years in prison.

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