Domestic violence cases decrease in Mat South during Covid-19 lockdown: Police

By Paul Mzizi

Cases of domestic violence in Matabeleland South Province decreased significantly during the Covid-19 lockdown, police have said.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Philisani Ndebele told CITE in an interview recently that cases of domestic violence had dropped.

Gender activists had expressed fears that there could be a spike in domestic violence cases following reports of misunderstandings in numerous homes owing to couples spending longer hours than usual stuck at home.

Previously, people met later after work but during the Covid 19 induced lockdown, companies remained closed and people were urged to remain indoors and only travel where really necessary.

In some provinces however there has been a noted increase in domestic violence cases.Chief Inspector Ndebele said 253 cases of domestic violence were recorded last year during the period March to September.

This year, since the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country, 171 cases have been reported so far.

“Our figures show a drop in domestic violence cases,” said Ndebele.

Despite the drop, the police spokesperson expressed worry over the 171 reported cases.

“It is still a high figure. We expect people to behave themselves. There are a number of places where people could go for counselling. We expect that there could be significant drop in domestic violence cases up to a zero figure,” he said.

Chief Inspector Ndebele also said cases of indecent assault dropped this year compare to the previous year.

A total of 73 indecent assault cases were this year during the lockdown compared to 99 cases reported last year, he said.

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