Suspected goblins brutalise Cowdray Park woman

Cowdray Park residents are living in fear after a woman in the suburb was allegedly assaulted by suspected goblins at her house on Wednesday.

The invisible creatures have been reportedly tormenting residents in the past month by smashing windows panes and other household property.

Dorica Ncube, whose house suffered the most damage, was left unconscious following the attack.

When a CITE news crew visited the house on Thursday, Ncube declined to speak in the absence of her husband who was said to have gone to the city centre.

Ncube’s neighbour, Menzisi Tshili, told CITE in an interview that his neighbour`s eight-year-old son came to his house to inform him that his mother had ‘collapsed’ owing to the alleged attack.

“Her son came to my house and also called for one other neighbour, Mrs Sibanda for help. He said his mother had fallen and was lying on the floor. When we got to the house, we found her lying in the passage close to the entrance,” said Tshili.

“We called her husband who had gone to the CBD. When he arrived, we assisted him to seek help from some prophet who stays close by called Jabulani. When he prayed for her, she vomited. We then proceeded to Pumula with the husband where we sought assistance from two other prophets: Mabuya and Tshuma.”

He said the prophets promised to come and cleanse the Ncube residence and any other house in the area for those who wish to engage their services.

The goblins, two weeks ago, allegedly mysteriously gained entry into Ncube’s house and turned her property upside down.

They overturned the sofas, opened the fridge and cupboards, threw some food stuffs on the floor and left numerous cross signs on the walls both inside and outside the house.

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