MP appeals for more funds to rehabilitate destroyed school

Member of Parliament (MP) for Pumula constituency has urged the government to intervene in the renovation of Hyde Park Primary school as the Community Development Funds (CDF) allocated to the school were eroded by inflation.

Speaking during a feedback meeting held in Pumula, Sunday, MP, Sichelesile Mahlangu said the CDF funds could not cover the whole project.

“The school was destroyed by whirlwinds and we thought it would be better if we could renovate one block ahead of the rainy season, to me CDF funds are not enough because we wished to renovate all blocks,” said Mahlangu.

“World Vision had also promised to renovate one block but we wish the government can also intervene and contribute to the renovation of the whole school since our funds were not enough.”

She said they had prioritised the school so that learners can be able to use the classrooms during the rainy season.

“When we received the ZW$50 000, we focused on Hyde Park Primary school as it is now old, you can even fall on the classroom floors. Even the walls are now very old, we then chose one block that we will major on,” said Mahlangu.

She said she is looking forward to developing other areas in the constituency especially issues to do with water infrastructure as other areas do not receive water at all.

“There are other projects that we hope to achieve in future such as issues to do with water, there are areas in Pumula East  which do not receive water at all even after water-shedding phase, we are looking forward to the local authority to give us the go-ahead so that we can go ahead with the project.

“We also have a borehole in Pumula Old which has a problem, we also want to renovate it and have modern features such as solar panels and Jojo tanks,” she said.

Mp Mahlangu said she is also looking to renovate youth Centres in the area.

“We have youth centres such as Isilwane youth centre that also need innovation through the CDF funds,” she said. 

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