Stroke survivor appeals for financial assistance

A 38-year-old Bulawayo woman who suffered a stroke in 2018 that left her paralysed on her left side and unable to fend for her family is appealing for financial assistance so she can purchase medication and food.

Brenda Zulu was employed as a manager at a local bar when she lost her job due to her health situation.

In 2018, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Raj Modi once pledged to donate his government salary towards Zulu’s medical bills.

Due to her situation, Zulu is struggling to take care of her three children.

“I got paralyzed due to high blood pressure, my left hand and leg are affected. I have serious challenges, l can’t take care of myself. l was the breadwinner at home and I can’t look after my family now,” said Zulu.

“l take BP medication every month but I can’t afford the medication as well as food.”

Those willing to assist Zulu can get in touch with her on +263 773 723 150.

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