Timely intervention saves boy tied to a tree in bullying incident

A grade 2 learner from Njube suburb, Bulawayo, almost lost his life last Friday after he was reportedly tied to a tree by his three friends as punishment for making them lose a football match.

The boy was reportedly saved by a passerby who rushed to untie him.

The boys were playing football and the victim who was the goalkeeper is said to have performed badly resulting in them losing the match.

Incensed by the result, the three boys who are said to be in grade 4 then tied a rope around his neck and tied him to a tree.

An unidentified man who was passing by quickly intervened by removing the noose around the boy’s neck.

In an interview with CITE,  the boy’s grandmother confirmed the incident.

“The boys were playing street football and my grandson was the goalkeeper. It is said he let him some goals resulting in them losing the match,” she said.

“When he came home, he was complaining that his neck is painful although he was reluctant to tell me what had happened.  He later opened up and told me what had happened and I observed that his neck was swollen and had marks.”

The boy’s mother Annah Beauty Charumbira who is based in South Africa said she received a call from her mother informing her that her son almost died.

The matter was reported to the police and the parents and guardians of the children were reportedly called for a meeting where police officials to groom their children.

Contacted for a comment, police said they had not received the report.

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  1. This is my nephew, it’s shocking how kids can resort to such extreme forms of punishment to their peers, where do they learn it from?

    A HUGE thank you to that passerby…

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