Stolen cattle located near Zim-Bots border

Police in Matabeleland South last week recovered a total of 35 stolen cattle along the Zimbabwe-Botswana border at Ramokgwebana River in Mangwe.

The cattle, some of which were stolen from as far as Bidi, in Matobo District were being taken care of by herd boys.

Villagers working with police, Chief Hobodo and others managed to trace the livestock and they were located.

In an audio that was widely circulated on WhatsApp, one villager said a syndicate of thieves would then transport the cattle for sale in Bulawayo.

National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, confirmed the development, adding police were already questioning some people in connection with the theft.

“I confirm that police recovered 35 cattle which had been stolen,” Nyathi told CITE. “The cattle were being kept at Ramokgwebana River by some herd boys. So far we have a few which have been identified by their owners while we are appealing for information that can assist the police to locate the other owners.” He said among the recovered cattle there were some suspected to have been stolen from Botswana.

“We are still questioning people in connection with these cattle,” said Nyathi.

The cattle are currently kept at Mayobodo Cattle Sales Pens in Khalanyoni.   

“One thing which is very important, people should have proper documents for their cattle,” said the police spokesperson.

“We want people along the border both the Zimbabwean and Botswana sides to do things according to the law and one, to stay alert and two, to ensure that all the cattle which they have are properly accounted for and that any criminal activities are quickly reported to the police.

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