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Slow Peaceful Polls

Tanaka Mrewa

The Harmonised Zimbabwe elections have been carried out peacefully, much to the satisfaction of citizens who have been reiterating the need of such.

Most polling stations commenced the voting process promptly at 7AM, where they opened gates to already queing electorates.

Most Bulawayo residents were however not happy with the amount of time they spent in the queues.

Bekithemba Dube a resident from Luveve said he arrived at his polling station at 8:30AM and only got his turn to vote around 11AM.

“We don’t understand why these queues are taking so long to move. The polling officers are taking too long with people in there. Especially considering there are three spaces for people to vote. We expect better service than this, ” he said.

Those with special needs- the handicapped, elderly and pregnant women commended ZEC services.

William Mzilethi, an elderly from Gwabalanda said he is happy because most young people have participated in this year’s elections.

“The ZEC officials were quite effective and friendly. As a senior citizen, they served me with such great patience. I am happy that young people have finally seen the light and realised the need to vote because this is their future, ” said Mzilethi.

However there were reports from Makokoba circulating on social media that Makokoba female electorates were exchanging babies in queues in a bid to get first preference in polling queues.



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